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Tobiano Oldenburg Warmblood Stallion

As a foal, SOS was awarded "Elite-Stallion Candidate" with the Oldenburg Verband Germany, and he has certainly lived up to this title through the remarkable offspring he has produced time after time.

SOS has well known name in Australia for breeding quality well tempered horses with various athletic abilities.

Previous owners imported SOS and unfortunately he was injured in quarantine and has never been able to showcase his skills under saddle. SOS has had many owners with the last before coming to us, breeding him via AI as he had great sperm counts from veterinary report.

Since ownership of SOS BPHS has only served minimal mares and kept his services private with only sales of progeny to the public.

He is a pure gentleman when it comes to serving, he likes to kiss the ladies and has never been nasty towards the handlers. Of course the big fella get's up and about when the job is on!

In the paddock he loves a scratch, as soon as the rug comes off he leans into you not asking for a scratch but telling, with a face like that how could anyone say no.

His injuries are managed with care and supplements. He doesn't like needles however, so surprising is the key!

The big fella is a pleasure to own and care for and has produced some outstanding horses for us.




BPHS Mazikeen

The surprise foal. The dam EP Majesta affectionally known as Jilly only had one service with SOS and it didn't go well or so we thought... Jilly although a solid build, her belly was getting larger and larger and knew she was pregnant and brought her to the foaling paddock and of the early hours in late November a black and white filly was born, little Mazikeen.


BPHS Gandolf

Excitement overload, a bay tobiano colt found in the paddock with his Dam EBL Rumba. Gandolf was born, a really nice warmblood type with solid legs and of tall stature 


BPHS Smudge

SOS's first BPHS foal was born. A solid bay colt named Smudge out of Grace our thoroughbred mare.


BPHS Smeagol

A solid bay colt was born out EBL Wonce Upon a Time (Tikka)


The Perfect Filly

Late October unfortunately we found our mare had aborted a beautifully marked filly that would have been the perfect foal.

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