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BPHS Sansa

DOB: November 2022

SEX: Filly

SIRE: Vallix Jack (Friesian Warmblood)

DAM: Kenlock Pandora (Warmblood)



Sansa is a sassy compact little filly who is the first foal between Jack and Panda. 

She has an inquisitive nature and is quick to pick up training of halter and leading.

She bounces around the paddock is the queen of her herd.

Veterinary checks are welcome at buyers own cost. Please request a portable x-ray machine be available to avoid further follow up appointment's. If you are unable to attend the Veterinary Check, appointments must be made either 4pm onwards on weekdays or on a weekend.

Genuine enquires only, we do not accept deposits, maximum 48 hour hold with new enquires accepted after this period.

BPHS Sansa
BPHS Sansa
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