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BPHS Pumbaa

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Pumbaa was born on a warm 2018 summer's night in December.

He was born with skyscrapers as legs, so much so that it took a little while for him to figure out how to duck his head to get a drink of milk.

It was then when we knew the pony we set out to breed was not going to be a pony but a horse...

Pumbaa's last measurement in June 2020 was 15hh. Expected mature height who knows! Maybe 15.3, maybe 16.3hh

Pumbaa's sire Vallix Jack is friesian warmblood standing at 14.1hh. He is a playful horse often seen running around with anything that lands in his paddock in his mouth, be it a tarp, ball or stick. Jack is very trainable, sometimes a bit too smart.

Pumbaa's dam is black thoroughbred mare Grace 15.1hh. She came to us all the way from Queensland. Lovely mare with quite nature that is east to handle.

Pumbaa has been loaded into an angle load float without any issues. He is is trimmed, wormed and vaccinated regularly without issues. He has been taught to tie up, lead, lunge, and respect space. He runs with geldings and mares without issues but is still a playful toddler in the field.

Pumbaa is a very relaxed boy who does well on hay and pasture. His movements aren't too bad either but still very lanky looking.

Pumbaa, often referred to as our ginger ninja will suit any discipline and even though he will be tall he could still fulfill our plan of breeding colour for youths and be a good pony club mount. Options are endless for our young lad.

So far Pumbaa has had the lunge roller on, bit, saddle and has been put over a small cavaletti all without an issues.

As his nature would suggest he is the perfect candidate for "Hakuna Matata"

UPDATE 13/09/2021

Just a quick update on Pumbaa's current training and height.

So far Pumbaa has had lunge roller, bridle and saddle on. All without any issues (apart from pulling his head too high when bridling). I've put towels hanging down off the roller and they flapped around his under belly and between back legs, Pumbaa still showed no reactions. He has had the light dressage saddle on and the stock saddle without any problems. Long reining was confusing at first having me behind but once he got the hang of things the basic commands became easy.

We measured Pumbaa in the crush on the 12/09/2021 and he is a smidge over 16hh so most certainly is not a pony. We still are not offering an guarantees on final mature heights and we will re-measure him in December on his birthday or there-about's.

UPDATE 1/01/2022

Pumbaa has returned home from the breakers for a short break. He displayed fantastic nature and was ridden around in the paddock after the second sit on. He can walk trot and canter although he is still slightly unbalanced in the canter which is to be expected at such a young age.

He will return back to the breakers before summers end to gain further education.

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